Flipkart Guess What Quiz Answer 17 February 2021

Flipkart Guess What Quiz Answer 17 February 2021

Flipkart guesses what game zone quiz answer play daily Flipkart game zone quiz and win 100 users will win Flipkart coins when you give an answer in minimum time.

i have tried my best to give you possible answers with the help of this Flipkart quiz answer that may help you to answer to some extent.

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Game Zone

Love playing games? Now you can play games and earn exciting goodies in return! Yes, here’s your chance to win enviable gifts and massive deals from Flipkart. All you have to do is give our online games a shot. What is up for grabs? Google home, TVs, bluetooth speakers, headphones and Flipkart gift vouchers.



Guess what?

This engaging game will show you jumbled alphabets that describe a given picture. Arrange these alphabets in the right order (and as quick as you can) to define what the picture represents. The game starts easy but will keep you racking your brains at later stages. Winners are declared within 24 hours in the 'your recently played games' section.


Quiz time

You need to keep a watch on the Flipkart app for this. Twice a day, 10 questions will be posted; whoever answers them correctly in the least time will find themselves a place on the leaderboard. Winning names will be declared right after the game and can also be viewed under the ‘your recently played games’ section.


Prizes can be won every day, so give them a shot regularly to increase your chances of winning.

Stay tuned to this place for more upcoming games! 


What is flipkart Game Zone?

The initiative soon evolved into Flipkart setting up the games and gamification team and launched two games — Play and Win, and Bid and Win, according to a company blog post written in July this year. Flipkart currently runs GameZone on its marketplace for its customers to win gifts and deals.


Is flipkart Game Zone Real?

Many unsuspecting and impressionable customers have fallen prey to this scam, believing it to be genuine. Here are the facts: Flipkart has no association with websites running fake online games or offers. Flipkart has not authorized such games or sponsored the rewards they offer.


Can we play games on Flipkart?

By playing games on Flipkart, users can earn Gems, which they can later convert into SuperCoins, which they can spend on Flipkart.


How can I win in Flipkart?

How to participate in Flipkart Daily Trivia Quiz ?

  1. Download / Open the Flipkart App.
  2. Login or Sign up into Flipkart application.
  3. Goto 'Games' section on Flipkart App.
  4. You will see the banner “Daily Trivia” in Games section on Flipkart app Open Flipkart App.
  5. Answer all 5 questions correctly.
  6. Done. Congratulations !!

How can I guess on Flipkart?

How To Play Flipkart Guess What Game?

  1. Open the Flipkart app on your mobile.
  2. Click on the big billion days sale banner.
  3. Scroll down and hit the Flipkart guess what game banner.
  4. Tap on start game.
  5. Guess the Image – Use the given character to form a word that represents the Image shown.
  6. Submit the answer within 20 seconds.

How can I earn SuperCoins in flipkart by playing games?

Get Free 7 Supercoins by flipkart Daily for 5 Days

  1. Open the Game Page and Play at Least 1 Game Daily for Few minutes to Get 5 SuperCoins Free.
  2. Find IDEA Option in App Homepage >> Add 10 Brands / Add 1 Interests >> You will Rewarded Free 2 Coins on Next day.

Is Amazon Fun Zone is real or fake?

Originally Answered: Is the Amazon Quiz contest fake or real? In my opinion it's not legit. They claim that the winners are chosen randomly but there's no fool proof way of choosing the winners. Amazon employees in charge of this work could choose their friends and relatives for prizes and you would never know.

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